Beyond Academics


The performance booster class is a unique feature of ‘The Sanskriti School’. The classes will be held after the stipulated School hours with the objective to improve the academic performance of every individual student by enhancing their skills and motivating them to perform better in the Board Examinations, Olympiads, NTSE and Entrance Examinations to reputed Institutions. The Performance Booster classes will focus on maximizing the potential of children and building their confidence to be ‘Super Achievers’.

A Necessity:

Study curriculum has become more extensive and complex than ever before. Students not only carry an ever increasing weight of School study material on their shoulders but they also carry the burden of intensive coaching class studies for Competitive Examinations; even after they have left the classroom. Weakness in certain disciplines is a common problem faced by the majority. Lack of quality education also affects many as it incapacitates them to face competition. Heavy fees are also a major problem for parents who have to pay both the Institutions. A solution to this hectic student life is – The Sanskriti School Performance Booster Classes; all under one roof at no extra cost.

The Concept

The Performance Booster classes have a concept based approach, designed in a way that the Grade curriculum is synchronized with the syllabus of competitive examinations, to help the child move from the Basic level to the Advanced level. At the Primary level the focus will be on Class performance in each subject and the Olympiads. At the Middle School level the focus will include rigorous practice for the NTSE exam and a foundation for the College Entrance Exams. At the Secondary level meticulous training for Board Examinations, Olympiads, NTSE and Entrance Examinations to reputed IIT, Engineering, Medical, and Law & Arts Colleges will begin. The chief aim of the Performance Booster Classes is to mould ‘Super Achievers’, who will excel in Academics at all levels and in Competitive Exams.

The Concept will further encompass talent in Sports and Cultural activities.

  • Specialized training classes will be organized in Dance, Vocal music, Instrumental Music, Theatre and Arts to prepare students for Certificate Courses.
  • Rigorous Coaching in Field Sports, Martial Arts, Athletics and Indoor Games will be conducted to prepare students for District – State – National level Competitions.

The Benefits :

  • Classes will be held in the School.
  • Extra fees will not be charged for these classes.
  • Will eliminate the need to attend Coaching classes.
  • Will do away with a hectic schedule of School and Coaching Classes.
  • Performance of the child will be monitored by experienced teachers.
  • The child’s strengths and weaknesses in each subject will be identified.
  • Conceptualized learning method will be reinforced by subject experts.
  • Teachers will help clear the doubts the child has in the topics taught.
  • All Assignments and Homework will be completed in School, under the able guidance of the teachers.
  • Practice Tests on each topic will be held on a regular basis to provide the child ample revision.
  • Focused and diligent practice will be conducted till the child masters the subject matter.
  • Meticulous study-time will discipline the child and develop concentration.
  • Will pave the way for enhanced Performance in School Exams, Board Exams, Competitive Exams – Olympiads, NTSE, IIT JEE, Medical. CLAT and admissions to top Colleges in India and Abroad.